GoGettaz alumnus, Costantine Edward selected to join the 2021 Tony Elumelu (TEF) entrepreneurship programme

GoGettaz alumnus, Costantine Edward the founder of AgriLife is 1 among the 5,000 winners selected from a pool of over 400,000 applications to join the 2021 cohort of the Tony Elumelu (TEF) entrepreneurship programme in Africa and is eligible to receive $5,000 in seed capital to develop and scale the business concept. 

Costantine claimed an Impact Award during the 2021 GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize Competition. It is great to see him take his company even further. We can’t wait to see how AgriLife uses the seed financing to grow their business.

AgriLife is an impact company that uses black soldier-fly larvae to turn organic waste into nutritional animal feed and organic fertilizer for crop nourishment.

The Problem AgriLife Solves

Ineffective management of food waste is a problem experienced by Tanzania Cities, where major markets generate tons of waste per day. As example, in Dar-es-salaam alone 4,600 tons of waste is generated every day (Waste ccacoalition, 2018). 

The UN estimates that such rotting food accounts for up to 7% of greenhouse gas emissions. Some end up contaminating the water. This water from decaying matter also seeps into nearby water bodies, while some collects in open dumpsites where they are an eyesore, emit a bad odour and present a health hazard. 

Learn more about AgriLife Limited: https://agrilife.co.tz/

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