Amanda Namayi of the GenAfrica Secretariat amazed at ProSect Feed’s great work

Amanda Namayi of the Generation Africa Secretariat shares,

“I was in Accra recently and I am really proud to witness firsthand, the amazing work that our GoGettaz are doing in transforming Africa’s food systems. I was very excited to visit @ProSect Feed at their farm in Medie, Ghana. I was amazed to see the incredible work that Nana Yaw, Founder, Prosect Feed and his team are doing.

Nana Yaw was amongst the Top 14 in the 2021 #GoGettaz #Agripreneur Prize Competition and from my visit to ProSect Feed, it is evident that he was fit to make it to the top. Great work ProSect Feed!” Find out more about this amazing #agribusiness here:

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