Generation Africa

Nomaliso Musasiwa

Country: South Africa

Nomaliso is a Mathematician turned Farmer. An absolute enthusiast of Efficiency in operations and systems. She is the current Managing Director of Fresh In A Box, one of the fastest-growing startups in the Agri-tech space in Zimbabwe. She is a self-taught farmer, and has managed a 10ha horticulture farm. A serial collaborator, she works with over 3000 smallholder farmers in the horticultural space to consistently produce high-quality produce for both local and export markets in Zimbabwe. Nomaliso has expanded her operations into South Africa, currently in a network of 464 farmers and looking forward to the full expansion of Fresh In A Box. Nomaliso is a mother of 2 daughters, step mom to 3, & wife, who holds strong political views focused on gender equality & being a participatory citizen in the growth; development and prosperity of Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole. She works with organisations such as the Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs of Zimbabwe, Demeter Agricultural Coalition Africa and holds a couple of awards in the sector.