Generation Africa

Nele Herrmann Valente

Stakeholder Affairs & Strategic Partnerships at Bayer Crop Science

Nele joined Bayer in 2020. Before joining the global Stakeholder Affairs and Strategic Partnerships team at global Bayer CropScience, she led NGO Engagement for the German Corporate Public Affairs team with a focus on agricultural, industry and innovation policy. Nele is currently responsible for Bayer Crop Science’s next generational engagement in agriculture-related stakeholder and policy spheres. Prior to Bayer, Nele was a board member and head of the Berlin office for a science communications consultancy focused on agriculture and plant sciences.

She was responsible for business development, strategy, networks, and political outreach. She holds degrees in Hispanic Studies, Philosophy, and International Relations and an MBA in Public Affairs and Leadership. She embraces the spirit of collaboration, networking, innovation and sustainability.