Generation Africa

Mawejje Harbert

Country: Uganda

Mawejje Harbert is a 26-year-old Ugandan who graduated from Makerere University with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Land Use and Management. He has 4 years of experience as an agronomist and soil scientist, specializing in project management for youth in the agribusiness sector. He currently works as a Project Officer for the Young Farmers’ Federation of Uganda, a role he has held since 2020. Harbert is a change agent and a first-generation farmer. He grows soybean on 10 acres of land and plans to establish a model demonstration farm that will train and promote precision and circular farming among youth in Uganda. He intends to achieve this by using cooperation, networks, and data-driven decisions with modern technology. Harbert is also a mentor and trainer of climate resilience and rural innovation, using tools such as building resilience and enabling rural innovation trajectories. He is a member of the Mityana district Young Farmers’ Federation of Uganda and a trainee of the 3rd World Food Organization Gymnasium program, which develops his leadership, mindset, and advocacy skills.