Generation Africa

Georgina Rono

Country: Kenya

Georgina  Rono is a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science from Egerton University, with various training on animal husbandry.​ She has over 10 years’ experience on sustainable livestock farming systems that earn smallholder farmers a decent livelihood by ensuring food security while safeguarding the environment.​ She is vocal on climate change advocacy with keen interest in the impact and role of women farmers and indigenous communities in developing and implementing strategies to mitigate climate change’s effects.​ She is the founder of the Indigenous Women Network (IWN) whose goal is to ensure implementation of inclusive and gender-responsive strategies through research and innovation in order to offer specific solutions to meet specific environmental, social and Agricultural needs. She has been able to train over 2000 farmers on sustainable farming systems and alternative sources of livelihoods.  ​She is also an active member of the Kenya Youth BiodiversityNetwork. ​