Generation Africa

Baraka Jeremie

Country: Tanzania

Baraka is a technology enthusiast and visionary farmer with over nine years of experience working in the technology and agriculture sectors. He’s currently the Co-founder and CEO of Kilimo Fresh Foods Africa, a social enterprise that leverages technology to connect smallholder farmers and fresh produce buyers to fair and reliable markets, providing smallholder farmers with stable pricing and direct access to the market for their crops.

Before founding Kilimo Fresh, Baraka spent the first four years of his career as a smallholder farmer in Morogoro, Tanzania. During this time, he struggled with food waste and lower margins for his produce due to a number of unnecessary, non-value-added small chains in the whole agricultural chain. It was because of these challenges that he started Kilimo Fresh to solve the problem not only for himself but also for other farmers in his community.

Baraka currently holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Entrepreneurship Development and Technology, and he envisions creating a global marketplace for Tanzanian farm produce and eradicating post-harvest losses.