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The GoGettaz initiative is part of the Generation Africa movement which seeks to inspire the next generation of African agripreneurs, connecting them to the resources they need to move their businesses successfully from idea to scale. Next to the annual GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize which VC4A has been a partner of since 2019, we collaborate around the creation of  a vibrant online community platform with over 9,000 registered agri-professionals across the globe who are interacting, learning, providing mentorship and sharing experiences on youth agripreneurship and providing solutions to current challenges in the food system.

The GoGettaz Community platform boasts of multimedia capabilities with a great enhanced look with major sections that are easily accessible.

On the homepage is a welcome message to all new members with details on the benefits of being part of this wide global online community. Once you register, your name will appear on the list under latest members for other network members to see new members and their respective ventures.

Every year, Generation Africa hosts the coveted GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize Competition which attracts over 5,000 applications and recognizes outstanding youth agripreneurs who are revolutionizing agriculture in Africa. The Gogettaz community platform has a page dedicated to finalists of the annual competition for agripreneurs, where you can learn about new agri-tech technologies and solutions helping farmers increase their production as well as household incomes. In case you would like to learn more from these agribusiness ventures or invest in their agri-enterprises, as a member you can also contact them directly and also connect with other agripreneurs who are doing exemplary work.

The opportunity section is the most exciting! The team regularly updates the platform with new investment opportunities, acceleration and incubation programs, competitions and fellowships amongst others which are ideal for agritech-startups who are in different stages of growth. There is always something for every agripreneur! Take advantage of these opportunities and make your application today!

Would you like to be updated with what is happening within the GoGettaz Community featuring also the GoGettaz alumni on what they have been upto? Read the current articles which mainly feature interviews and updates on the incredible work led by youth agripreneurs on their actions towards promoting food and nutritional security.  Stay updated and follow the different social media pages!

Increase knowledge on how to scale your agri-startup to the next level by enrolling today at the VC4A Startup Academy which is readily accessible from the homepage. The virtual Academy is open to all founders of agri-enterprises at the different stages of growth who would like to grow their agribusinesses. Start your Business Course is ideal for founders who are in the phase of developing ideas and testing their products to determine if its ready for the market, Grow your business course is aimed at startups that are already operational and are in the phase of scaling up their operations while “Finance your Business” course is for entrepreneurs who are seeking funding to raise their capital. A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the courses.

The members page contains profiles of all registered members on the agribusiness community platform; this page enhances networking with other members and allows you to exchange information amongst each other. Take advantage of this great opportunity and engage peers as well as other key stakeholders registered on the platform.

Lastly, if you have an agribusiness and its already operational, ensure you create a profile of your venture on the platform. This will help enhance your venture’s visibility and investors who are interested in your agri-enterprise can also reach out to you. Create your venture profile today!

Signing up is easy! Register for free to be part of this agribusiness community!

We are excited to have you on board!

Written by Sharon Anyango

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