GoGettaz Alumni Leah Bessa is going from strength to strength

#GoGettaz Alumni Leah Bessa is going from strength to strength. Her focus on #alternativeproteins is in the spotlight yet again as their new startup, @DeNovoDairy, has been selected for acceleration and investment by @Big Idea Ventures, the global leader in early stage investing in the food technology sector.

We are so proud. Well done, Leah!

“De Novo Dairy is the first African company to use precision fermentation technology to produce nature identical, animal-free dairy proteins that replicate dairy in function and nutrition allowing for the creation of animal-free cheese, yoghurt and ice cream.”

Read all about the Big Idea Ventures startups taking the alternative protein market by storm: https://www.proteinreport.org/newswire/announcing-innovators-big-idea-ventures-latest-accelerator-cohorts

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