Catching Up with GoGettaz Alumni!

Brigitha Faustin of OBRI Tanzania is one of three lucky GoGettaz Alumni who were accepted to study a master’s degree at the prestigious University of Utah David Eccles School of Business. We caught up with Brigitha to find out how the course is going…

Brigitha says, “The main goal for any entrepreneur is to build a successful business that reflects the company’s vision and dreams – to create value for themselves and everyone around them. My goal has always been to build an impactful and sustainable business that solves existing challenges in my community and the African continent in general. To do so, I need to have relevant business skills and knowledge that will help me as an entrepreneur and a leader of a company to attain my vision while creating connections that will help to build a sustainable business.

I had an opportunity to receive a full scholarship to study at the University of Utah School of business of which I am currently pursuing a Masters in Business Creation (MBC) program. This is one of the best decisions that I have made during this time in my career as an entrepreneur. The program has helped me to understand the language of business through learning and understanding fundamental concepts and principles of finance and accounting which is the core to any business, being it a small, medium or big.

The program has also helped in refining my value proposition; providing a clear understanding of our products, our customers’ needs, how best we can become competitive and how to scale within the African region and global market in general. It has also provided me with mentorship, networks and connections that I will continue to learn and leverage by sharing opportunities available in Africa that will attract investment and continue to create and build sustainable businesses that aim at addressing socio-economic as well as environmental challenges in Africa.

I am forever grateful to the Generation Africa team under the GoGettaz Program and all partners who have made this scholarship possible. My hope is that this will be the first of many opportunities for many young African entrepreneurs and continue to build strong businesses, young leaders, and entrepreneurs with relevant skills in creating and growing competitive, impactful and sustainable businesses that the continent and the world needs.”

Brigitha was a finalist in the 2020 #GoGettaz#Agripreneur Prize. She is embracing the opportunities available to the GoGettaz Alumni.

Bonolo Monthe of Maungo Craft and Isaac Sesi of Sesi Technologies are also taking on this challenge, made possible by Generation Africa, Yara International and The University of Utah .

We wish you the best of luck with the Masters Programme! Well done on being accepted to this prestigious school. We can’t wait to see how you apply your new knowledge.

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