World Environment Day Poem: The Unsung Ally to the Farmer by Eliseus Bamporineza

I am earthworm, quietest yet my work is the loudest; ask the farmer!
Recycling soil nutrients, I feed plants that feed you in winter or summer.
With no arm, with no leg, thin like lace, I am the architect of the soil structure.
Burrowing through the soil, I create tunnels that allow the soil to breathe
For oxygen to reach plants’ roots. The hole I dig is an infrastructure
That keeps water flowing through the ground to the plants’ roots.
I build friable soil texture with extracted nutrients from dead leaves and roots.
Soil is fertile from secretions of organic matter I chew without teeth.

I am the scavenger, the cleaner of the earth’s ecosystem.
I eat rotting leaves and roots and dead organic matter without problem;
I digest and release them into the soil to sustain life underground and above.
I am the environmentalist and climate mitigation champion you might love.
Every time I break down the organic matter, incorporate it into the soil,
I sequester carbon, purifying the atmosphere greed never ceases to spoil.
When I process organic waste into vermicompost, I replenish the soil.
Vermicomposting, I increase the crop yields in the farmers’ fields.
I tirelessly work underground, but my wonders are found above the ground
On the food plate or in the Bank account when you sell the crop harvest.
Fishermen see me as bait for the hook; indeed, I am of high interest
And source of food to fish near river banks and birds on the ground.

Tiny but mighty creature I tour the soil to save the planet.
Cherish me and protect me for if I die out you perish.
Till less, cover the soil where I dwell with more organic matter,
Do not poison me with chemical pesticides and fertilizers.
Know that every time you take care of me, your land will flourish.
It will not cost much to let investing in my health become your habit.
I hope farmers, my best friends, will be the first mobilizers.
I am the heart of sustainable farming, allow me to beat better
If you want your life to continue and taste sweeter.

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