Vision & Mission - Generation Africa


Africa is rising. Across the continent, entrepreneurs launch start-ups, cultivate growing businesses, and scale breakthrough ventures. They recognise untapped opportunities and are skyrocketing productivity and innovation through private sector-led investment, diversification and competition wherever the policy environment is conducive. Africa’s next generation brings a youthful entrepreneurial spirit which, when matched with education, support and investment, accelerates technology-enabled, inclusive growth and job creation.

Much of this potential lies at the intersection of the agri-food sector and our current technology revolution. All across the agri-food chain, there are innovations to be found in how we grow, harvest, process, store, transport, package, sell and consume food. And with tools like mobile phones, sensors, drones and solar panels, technologies from renewable energy to artificial intelligence can reshape agri-food business models. Never has there been a more powerful moment in history – nor a more digitally-capable generation – to leapfrog Africa’s agri-food sector.


Generation Africa’s mission is to bring the dynamism of youth entrepreneurship to Africa’s agri-food sector. It aims to strengthen the ecosystem that supports agripreneurs as they travel their perilous journey from ideation to scale. Each year, Generation Africa collaboratively identifies the greatest constraints facing young agripreneurs and engages influential partners to act upon them. It celebrates women entrepreneurs and recognises the additional barriers they face.